Putting the love back into lawnmowing



I literally found Love Ya Lawns by leaning over the fence and talking to the guy weed-eating next door. As soon as I spoke with Chris I knew I would not have to stress about our lawns any longer! Our new tenants didn't want to mow (seems fair enough when you are paying $680 a week to live in a classy suburb!) and we live out of town, so when Chris said “no problem, we can take care of it”, I knew my worries were sorted. Since then, we have had no problem with our lawns. The husband & wife team of Chris & Hayley have been great to deal with. The price has been fair, the work has been excellent > what else do you really need? Happy to recommend these guys any time.

Paul Robinson
Rothesay Bay

About Love Ya Lawns

Love ya Lawns was established in 2004 by Chris and Hayley Ivatt-Oakley. We have not focused on huge expansion, rather maintaining a personalised business that provides the best possible service. Over the years we have gathered a solid base of satisfied customers who enjoy the personal but professional way we run Love Ya Lawns. Our customers range from property owners who live overseas, to students and people on pensions, to exclusive cliff top residences.

All our operations are covered by liability insurance, although we have never had any major incidents as we always consider safety and the care of client property a priority.

As we are a small company all our staff are hand picked so we can be absolutely sure that they will not only do a good job, but can be trusted around client property. Since we started we have never had a single incident involving theft or damage to property due to recklessness. We also believe in doing the absolute best job we can the first time and never get called back with complaints. However, if you don’t feel that we have put enough love into your lawns, gardens or hedges just give us a call and we will resolve the problem for you the same day where possible.

We always do our best to accommodate our customers individual needs whatever they may be. However, to keep prices down we prefer to mow all regular lawns in an area at the same time, with a 3 weekly cycle in June, July, August and fortnightly mowing the rest of the year. We realise that this means the lawns will be hard going for a large part of the year and be easier at other times, but we promise to keep the price the same for the whole year.

If you like the idea of Love ya lawns taking care of your lawns or gardens but are outside our area of operation, then we will be happy to refer you to a trusted contractor from other businesses we have an association with.